Why Us?

87% of employees are disengaged.

These employees are suffering from poor workplace culture, work-related stress, and overall health issues. We provide a platform with content and resources that promote employee health, well-being, company involvement, and engagement. Use of our platform results in engaged employees, high quality culture, healthier employees, and reduced employee stress.

Our Process

1. Schedule a Demo

First, we’ll sit down and explore the basic Paragon Well-Being platform. You’ll learn about the app and how it can help your business from a real person.

2. Select a Service

We offer three levels of service for our clients: engage, empower, and experience. You’ll select the package that’s the right fit for your employees and business.

3. Tailor Your Service

Next, we’ll discuss how the app can be tailored just for you. Every Paragon Well-Being customer will have a unique platform that matches your unique goals.

4. Release to Employees

This is the most exciting part! We’ll release the app to your employees so they can get started tracking goals, maintaining wellness, and learning from the custom content we’ve curated.

5. Continue to Evolve

At Paragon Well-Being we know that your company is always changing. Thus, your goals might change as well. Once your employees are using your app, we can update it with new topics, challenges, and interactive games to keep them engaged and excited.