Employee Well-Being Program Overview

Paragon Well-Being is an employee wellness company providing holistic and comprehensive programs to today’s workforce.

What We Offer

Paragon Well-Being Program

The Paragon Well-Being Program is our full service employee wellness plan providing your organization with an OnDemand wellness resource. Employees of all ability levels can experience first hand how simply following along to our program can help them improve their overall health and well-being in just minutes per day. This includes Challenges and Seminars/Webinars as mentioned below!

Company Challenges & Rewards

Want to jump start your wellness program, or freshen up your existing offering? Paragon Challenges encourage your staff to try a variety of healthy habits and activities across a range of wellness disciplines including mindfulness, exercise, nutrition and more!

Want to reward your staff for completing a challenge? Let us handle all of that for you!

Wellness Webinars

Looking to give your staff a single event that will educate, encourage, and inspire? We provide wellness seminars and webinars that are engaging, interactive, and actionable. Between our team and special guest presenters, your staff will learn the most cutting edge tips and techniques to living a healthier lifestyle.

Past topics include:

  1. Intro to Mindfulness
  2. Principles of Healthy Nutrition
  3. Goal Setting Reimagined
  4. Building Healthy Habits

Our Approach


The Paragon Well-Being Program was designed with the goal of creating an effortless experience for both company administrators and their employees.


In order to increase engagement, we focus first on inclusion. Our program meets employees where they are and engages them in various ways regardless of experience or ability level.


One size fits all models do not work over the long term. To create real change our program evolves over time and gives users the ability to access personal guidance from our licensed wellness professionals.

The Process

1. Evaluate

Approx. 1 Week

We’ll begin by meeting with your team to understand your overall needs and desired outcomes. From there, we’ll survey your staff to understand their needs and get a strong sense of your overall company culture.

2. Design

Approx. 2 Weeks

After presenting our findings, we’ll then formulate a program fit to your company’s desired outcomes as well as the needs of your staff. This comprehensive plan will outline each component in detail along with our deployment plan.

3. Deploy

Approx. 1 Week

This is the fun part! After approval of our program design, we’ll roll out your new wellness program to your staff. Typically, we begin with a company wide Challenge to drive engagement and initial adoption of the program.

4. Evolve


By utilizing our survey responses and mobile app usage data we will drive the evolution of your program over time. This helps not only to keep things fresh and interesting for your staff, but it also helps them to continuously progress on their journey of overall wellness.

What's Included

ParagonWell Mobile App

The ParagonWell app delivers our proprietary wellness curriculum designed to educate, encourage, and inspire your staff in various areas of wellness.

  • Build healthy habits following the Paragon Well-Being Program
  • Engage with coworkers in the your private group
  • Earn badges for completing activities and maintaining streaks
  • Get moving with our OnDemand Workouts
  • Set and track personal goals
  • Easily track body stats and biometrics
  • Direct Message with one of our certified
  • Company Coaches

Health Device Integrations

Our mobile platform integrates with a wide array of wellness devices including:

  • Apple Health
  • Apple Watch
  • Fitbit
  • Withings
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Garmin
  • Google Fit (coming soon)
  • Paragon Company Coach

    Take your engagement to the next level with a Paragon Company Coach. Your organization will be paired with one of our certified coaches to faciliate your program, engage in your private company group, and direct message employees 1 on 1 within the ParagonWell app to ensure they're having a great experience!

    Premiere Partners

    We have partnered with some of the premiere services in the wellness space, and our network continues to grow.

    Users who take advantage of these services can access discounts and make improving their overall well-being even easier.

    1 on 1 Coaching

    Through the Paragon Well-Being Program your staff has access to sign up for 1 on 1 coaching. We offer the following service:

    • Mental Health Coaching
    • Custom Workout Programs
    • Custom Nutrition Plans
    • Blood Chemistry Analysis
    • Food Sensitivity Testing
    • Clinical Nutrition Consultation
    • And more!

    *Coaching plans are an extra cost typically paid for by the user. Some services are HSA/FSA eligible.

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    Giving Back

    For 2023 we’ve chosen to support Mental Health America. For each group we serve, part of our profits will go toward helping those living with mental illness and supporting mental wellness for all.

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